Forex Predictions for 2011

Day trader since 2011 (equities, Forex, crypto) , feel free to ask questions, here to help.

Hey guys and gals experienced daytrader here, i have decided to give some helping hand to community, giving 5 to 10 minutes a day to answer some questions if anyone needs a helping hand. I have been trading all three major retail markets since 2011, Forex, equities and crypto. If you have any questions in topics related to trading in general, or any of those markets specifically feel free to ask.
Or you can also check blog with some outlined topics related to trading, and the markets above in general:
My primary focus is heavily research oriented approach to markets (quantitative analysis), finding specific structural / orderflow setups that can be executed with edge over many repetitions, using fundamental and technical price analysis approach. High priority focus in high amount of executions and extraction of edge trough many repetitions, using primitive machine learning approach to learning and trading in general.
If you have questions such as how to scale positions, suggested literature, research questions, how to learn fundies etc...ill by giving my best go to answer it.
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[Tennessee] Would it be possible for me to get unemployment if I haven’t worked since 2011? I have a forex trade account but haven’t done good this year.

I see a lot of people getting unemployment here
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Operatività Eur/Usd

Nonostante l' euro dollaro sia in una fase di estrema incertezza e così anche le altre valute del forex possiamo fare alcune considerazioni che ci aiutano a capire quali potrebbero essere gli scenari a breve termine su questa valuta. Link:
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Pak singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan gets ED notice for violating forex norms in 2011

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Forex reserves fall most since 2011 in signs of RBI intervention

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Gold and Silver rocket ride - 110k in 1 month

Gold and Silver rocket ride - 110k in 1 month
You most likely don't have my discipline and pain tolerance. Or my feel for risk/reward math. On top of this you need markets to play nice and a bit of luck.
I'm no wiz, but I know my strengths and weaknesses. I smell a good setup and prepare accordingly.
Hope you all nail your big opportunity when it shows up. If not, that's okay too. You'll keep getting chances. Be patient. Focus on small wins. Plus there's far more important things in life than being loaded.
How I lost 5k trading CFDs then turned it around
Back in April, I was playing with CFDs and nearly blew up my account. Started with $5k and dropped to almost zero because trading forex with leverage is a very stupid game. This is why IG gives you a demo account. But instead of using the demo account to learn how not to fuck up massively, I was using it to place giant YOLO shorts on US markets.
By being a bit less retarded on the forex trades I clawed back some losses then topped up the account with another $2.5k before starting to open small positions in gold. From 3 to 10 contracts depending on how confident I felt. Then smelling a massive opportunity, I ramped up the leverage by going with much larger positions.
Day 5
Entering the silver trade
It was only after making decent profits in gold that I dared venture into silver. I wanted to enter silver around $18 but missed the boat after waiting too long for a dip. $20 was still great. Tons of upside left.
Silver is one nasty motherfucker to trade. It's a much smaller market than gold so the swings can be wild. Silver will play along nicely then suddenly fuck you really hard. If you use too much leverage you're basically waiting for your account to blow up. Stop losses will save you, but they can also kill your best trades. I didn't bother with stops for most of the ride because I'm an ASX_bets retard but also because I had ultra high conviction in the $25-27 price target.
Started with 25 contracts. I very nearly missed out on this mini pump. Some might call it luck.
Day 18
Adding to my silver positions
Increased my position size once I had a profit buffer to protect against sharp drops. It's WAY easier to blow up a CFD account than it appears. When trades are going well you feel like you can keep adding leverage and make millions. But even small swings will kill you if your positions are too big. Discipline is key.
Buying 50 contracts in silver is not the same as 50 contracts in gold because silver moves are 2-4 times bigger. When gold moves 100 points, expect a 200-400 points move in silver. Having an equal mix of gold an silver contracts helped lower the overall volatility of my account.
Anything over 10 contracts in silver is big. You can lose hundreds within minutes. Buy 50 contracts, the price drops $1 and you're $5000 in the hole. I knew when to push and when to hold back. This was EXTREMELY important. I did not get greedy. I was happy to let price moves do most of the lifting.
Started the day with 3k profits. Went to bed that night with big beautiful bhags. 17k
Day 19
Woke up the next morning with even bigger bhags. 30k
Day 24
More pump. I added 50 silver contracts that day after a decent drop. Profits now up to around 41k.
Held through the big swings...
Like a proper bitch, Silver dropped another 5% soon after I added those 50 contracts and my 41k profit became 20k very suddenly. But no stop loss and I held firmly. What's a 21k drop when you've been down 35k on BBOZ before. Metals bounced back hard later that evening. Still not selling. High conviction made all the difference here.
Five days later and I was up to 50k profit.
At that point, I felt safe enough to add another 50 contracts.
And it paid off BIG
Both gold and silver keep pumping. Profit now 86k.
Day 28
Why sell now?
Not selling yet. GV's silver target was $25-27 so I was confident holding through some wild swings.
GV = Gold Ventures
A turbo chad from Belgium who made a massive fortune trading options during 2008-2011 when silver went from $9 to $50 before crashing hard. GV is a certified wizard when it comes to timing the gold and silver cycles. Started with his wife's 32k savings and is now worth 18 million EUR or USD, I'm not sure and who cares. GV is pretty low key but commands plenty of respect from other metal traders on Twitter.
Meanwhile GV was on holiday but still shitting money.
GV also has a junior miner portfolio worth several millions. I believe it's true. I went deep into his Twitter history. He was buying heavily into the March crash and some of his picks like AbraPlata have since made 10x. Junior miners are like call options on metal prices with no expiry date but you still need to pick winners and enteexit at the right time.
Magical Six Figure Milestone
Not long after... BOOM! Hit 100k in profit.
When starting, I knew there was potentially 40k-50k to be made from this setup even without playing it perfectly. I would have been okay with 20k.
Day 32
Start taking profits
Silver was still going strong but I felt it was time to de-risk.
So I started taking profits on both gold and silver around that time.
Okay I'm out
The way silver kept pumping, I knew a big correction was imminent. By 12pm I was completely out with over 110k profit. Home and dry.
I went on with my daily work routine, a bit more relaxed and not checking charts every 5 minutes.
And then metals dumped hard.
There was money to be made on the short side but there was also a strong possibility of shorts being squeezed. So I didn't bother.
After the dump, I had no appetite to get back in with big positions. In hindsight I could have made tons more if I held to $29 but the ride from $24 to $29 is far more risky than $20 to $26. I'm quite okay with my 40x performance. Plus I needed to reset mentally after this rocket ride. More often than not, the best thing to do after a huge trading win is to take a break. Wisdom gained from the BBOZ days :)
Withdrew my initial capital and 90% of the profits from IG. Left around 6k on the account to keep playing.
Feels good to have extra funds to invest with but I also need to set some aside for the monster tax bill next year. You're welcome Australia, and all the JobSeekeJobKeeper leeches.
Hey everyone, check out my insane stats!
That 85% win rate though...
Less impressive when zooming out to include the forex train wreck in April and my more recent metal trades.
Credits to: - already covered above - called the metals and S&P500 bull runs - simple yet powerful charts - advanced silver charts - advanced gold and silver charts - another master of charts - ultimate master of monster position and making bhags
BTW fuck Facebook groups, you'll hardly learn anything there. Full of losers. Twitter is where the elite traders and big dick fund managers bounce ideas. A solid Twitter list is worth thousands if not millions in the right hands.
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China August forex reserves fall to $3.19 trillion, lowest since 2011

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[World] - China November forex reserves fall to $3.05 trillion, lowest since 2011

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[World] - China November forex reserves fall to $3.05 trillion, lowest since 2011 | NBC

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Đầu tư forex theo cách mua khi thị trường sợ hãi

Hầu hết những bất hạnh chúng ta lo lắng không bao giờ thành hiện thực. Trên thực tế, 85% nỗi sợ hãi của mọi người không bao giờ xảy ra, theo nhà tâm lý học Tiến sĩ Robert Leahy. Kiến thức mà hầu hết những lo lắng không bao giờ xảy ra có thể là một chiến lược trong thế giới tài chính mà hầu hết những người mới bỏ qua.
Nỗi sợ hãi giữa các nhà đầu tư là một lý do khiến giá tài sản giảm, nhưng nếu chúng ta biết rằng 85% thời gian những nỗi sợ đó là không có cơ sở, chúng ta cũng biết rằng giá giảm tương ứng có khả năng bị hạn chế. Cái nhìn sâu sắc này thực sự có thể cung cấp một cơ hội giao dịch có thể đưa bạn đi trước đường cong. Bán một tài sản ngay khi bắt đầu sụp đổ tạo ra lợi nhuận cao nhất, nhưng làm thế nào một nhà giao dịch có thể nhận được cảnh báo sớm đó.
Phân tích kỹ thuật
Giao dịch yếu tố sợ hãi là một chiến lược mà về cơ bản chúng ta ‘mua sợ hãi’. Chiến lược này là duy nhất bởi vì không có AI hoặc thuật toán nào có thể ảnh hưởng đến cảm xúc của con người hoặc tâm lý bầy đàn. Một vấn đề là thời gian. Rất thường thị trường sẽ tiếp tục giảm trong một thời gian sau khi nỗi sợ hãi xuất hiện. Tại thời điểm nào bạn mua nỗi sợ? Nhảy vào quá sớm và bạn có thể phải vượt qua một đợt giảm giá lớn. Điều đó tốt nếu bạn có túi sâu như Warren Buffet, nhưng đối với phần còn lại của chúng tôi, nó có thể đánh vần thảm họa.
Một giải pháp có thể là sử dụng phân tích kỹ thuật để giúp thời gian rẽ. Trong khi không có cách nào dễ dàng để gọi đáy, có rất nhiều công cụ cụ thể có sẵn để trợ giúp. Chúng bao gồm các mô hình đảo chiều cổ điển như đáy đôi, hội tụ động lượng, mô hình đảo chiều nến, phân tích sóng Elliot và các chỉ báo DeMark.
Tất cả các chỉ số này được cài đặt sẵn trên nền tảng MT4 và khi được áp dụng cho yếu tố sợ hãi, tạo ra một triển vọng hoàn toàn khác về biến động giá, nhưng yếu tố con người là một phần của phương trình tạo ra sự khác biệt.
Kết hợp cả hai và bạn sẽ có được một chiến lược giao dịch rất độc đáo và mạnh mẽ. Warren Buffet từng nổi tiếng khuyên các nhà đầu tư nên mua hàng khi những người khác sợ hãi và bán khi họ tham lam. Năm 2008-09 ở đỉnh điểm của cuộc khủng hoảng tài chính lớn, mặc dù lo ngại rằng toàn bộ hệ thống ngân hàng sẽ đi vào tường tư vấn riêng và bình tĩnh mua cổ phiếu ngân hàng sau khi họ đã giảm giá hời.
Mặc dù phải mất hai nỗ lực để Quốc hội phê chuẩn một gói cứu trợ, cuối cùng họ đã làm được và chú Sam đã đến giải cứu. Cổ phiếu ngân hàng nhanh chóng tăng giá và cuối cùng Buffet đã có lời rất lớn.
Những ví dụ trước đây về nỗi sợ di chuyển thị trường
Chẳng hạn, năm 2016, đồng Euro suy yếu khi nỗi sợ hãi lan rộng rằng chủ nghĩa dân tộc sắp tràn ngập châu Âu. Tuy nhiên, cả trong cuộc bầu cử tổng thống Pháp, nơi Marine Le Pen, ứng cử viên mặt trận quốc gia đã thua Emmanuel Macron, và tại Hà Lan, nơi đảng Tự do dân túy Geert Wilders chỉ giành được 13,1% phiếu bầu, những nỗi sợ này đã được chứng minh quá mức. Sau cuộc bầu cử, Euro đã bắt đầu một cuộc biểu tình kéo dài nhiều tháng.
Trong năm 2011-12, đồng Euro cũng lao dốc vì lo ngại lây nhiễm và ‘sự kết thúc của thị trường tài chính làm rung chuyển đồng Euro sau khi ba quốc gia, Hy Lạp, Ireland và Bồ Đào Nha, tất cả đều vỡ nợ. Cuối cùng, những nỗi sợ hãi này đã được chứng minh là quá mức và các cuộc khủng hoảng đã được ngăn chặn. Nhìn chung, điều này không có gì đáng ngạc nhiên vì GDP kết hợp của ba quốc gia chỉ chiếm 6% tổng Eurozone nên thiệt hại mà họ có thể gây ra luôn có khả năng bị hạn chế. Sau khi ECB can thiệp bằng một chương trình các biện pháp, thị trường đã bình tĩnh trở lại và trong năm 2013, đồng Euro đã tăng điểm.
Xem tin tức để ra quyết định
Khi kiểm tra tin tức tài chính và lịch kinh tế điện tử, bạn sẽ bắt đầu thấy các bài viết thúc đẩy sự sợ hãi. Công việc của bạn là một nhà giao dịch là tự hỏi bản thân xem dự báo có khác với thông thường không. Brexit là một để kiểm tra. Nhìn lại 12 tháng qua và xem những gì phát hành đã ảnh hưởng đến thị trường và những gì xảy ra ngay sau đó. Đã có một sự trở lại trong giá? Lần tới khi bạn nghe thấy lời cam kết và u ám, bạn có thể muốn đợi cho đến khi sự sụt giảm ban đầu xảy ra, và sau đó xem xét lệnh mua kịp thời để bắt kịp sự đảo chiều.
Để tìm hiểu sâu hơn về Forex bạn hãy vào Group Telegram để nhận thêm nhiều kiến thức, tin tức và chiên lược giao dịch TẠI ĐÂY
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Gold Monthly Chart Analysis (تحلیل نمودار ماهانه طلای جهانی)

Gold Monthly Chart Analysis (تحلیل نمودار ماهانه طلای جهانی)
Hi to every one. I am a forex trader and I have analyzed gold chart for who does not understand English. I hope it will be helpful for Persian Audiences.
طلای جهانی شاخص بسیار مناسبی است تا بدانید که آیا در آینده قیمت طلای داخل کشور و همچنین شاخص های متعدد روبه افزایش خواهند بود یا کاهش. از این رو باید با ماهیت طلای جهانی، مقدار ارزش کنونی آن و تعدادی مفاهیم از این دست آشنا شوید که در این مطلب از زرآلتون برای شما آن را مشخص خواهیم کرد.

طلای جهانی چیست؟

تجارت طلا در بازارهای جهانی در واقع به معنای مبادله طلا به دلار آمریکا است و این موضوع به آن معناست که شما اگر طلا می خرید یعنی در حال فروش دلارهایتان هستید و اگر هم طلا میفروشید یعنی گمان می کنید که نسبت ارزش این دو به سود دلار افزایش خواهد یافت.
پس از این رو باید بدانید که نماد طلا در بازارهای مالی و مخصوصا بازار فارکس (Forex) با XAUUSD نمایش داده می شود، که سه حرف اول به معنای طلا و سه حرف دوم به معنای دلار ایالات متحده است.
در نظر گرفتن این نکته بسیار برای معامله گران حیاتی است که دلار بسیار بی ثبات تر و ناپایدار از طلا به حساب می آید و همین موضوع سبب شده است تا همانگونه که در مطلب، 10 کشور دارای بیشترین ذخایر طلا گفته شد، بیشتر کشورهای جهان به خرید طلا روی آورده اند.
کشورهای مشخص و قدرتمند بازار طلا شامل کشورهای زیر هستند:

  • استرالیا
  • چین
  • روسیه
  • ایالات متحده امریکا

تحلیل تکنیکال و فاندامنتال

تحلیل بازارهای مالی برای برآورد آینده آن ها معمولا بر اساس تحلیل های متخصصین این حوزه صورت می گیرد. اما باید بدانید که این تحلیل بر چه اساس صورت می گیرد. ذات تحلیل بازارهای مالی بر دو نوع کلی است:

  1. تحلیل فاندامنتال (بنیادی)
منظور از تحلیل فاندامنتال یا بنیادی یعنی اینکه شما نمودار را کنار بگذارید و بر اساس وقایع، اخبار، اتفاقات، شاخص های مشخص برای تحلیل این بازار به مانند؛ شاخص بیکاری، شاخص تورم، نرخ بهره ی بانکی این بازار را تحلیل کنید.
باید گفته شود که این نوع تحلیل بسیار پیچیده تر از نوع بعدی است که خدمت شما عرض خواهیم کرد و نیاز به علم و دانش فنی بالایی در زمینه ی اقتصاد، روابط بین الملل و سیاست دارد.

  1. تحلیل تکنیکال
این نوع تحلیل فقط و فقط بر اساس داده های نموداری صورت می گیرد اما به این معنا نیست که وجود و اهمیت رخدادها و وقایع برای شما بی اهمیت باشد.
در تحلیل تکنیکال معامله گر سعی بر آن دارد که با استفاده از داده های ریاضی و فنی قیمت آینده را پیش بینی بکند. در ادامه ی این مطلب هم تحلیلی که به شما ارائه خواهد شد بر اساس تحلیل تکنیکال خواهد بود.

تحلیل قیمت جهانی طلا در هفته های آتی

به همین دلیل در این مطلب، تیم مجله ی زرآلتون در نظر دارد تا تحلیلی مقطعی از روند پیش روی طلا برای شما مشخص بکند و شایان ذکر است این تحلیل پس از هرهفته از طرف تیم زرآلتون تغییر خواهد کرد.
ذکر این نکته ضروری است که اگر با بازارهای مالی آشنایی ندارید به هیچ وجه ورود به این بازارها به شما پیشنهاد نمی شود. تحلیل های این مطلب هم بر اساس قوانین تحلیل تکنیکال بازارهای مالی است و زرآلتون نسبت به استفاده از آن ها هیچ گونه مسئولیتی بر عهده ندارد.

تحلیل تکنیکال نموداری هفته ی اول مرداد 1399:

بر اساس قیمت طلای جهانی در چند هفته ی گذشته، قیمت انس جهانی طلا به محدوده ای رسیده است که فقط برای یک بار در آگوست 2011 این قیمت را لمس کرده است و رسیدن قیمت به این محدوده سبب کاهش طلا تا محدوده ی 1000 دلار به ازای هر انس شده است.
ااز لحاظ اهمیت این محدوده برای ما بسیار مهم است و معامله قبل و پس از آن می تواند منطقی باشد اما با در نظر گرفتن این نکته که باید ضعف و قدرت روند را مشاهده کنید.
در تایم فریم ماهانه می توان برای نمودار طلا سه سناریو زیر را متصور بود که می توان در صورت بروز نشانه ی تایید برای هر کدام از آن ها ورود صحیح را انجام داد:

تحلیل قیمت طلای جهانی

Gold Monthly Chart Analysis
سناریو شماره 1: قیمت با همین قدرت به حرکت ادامه می دهد و محدوده ی مقاومتی کنونی را که در آن وجود دارد را می شکند و بهترین موقعیت برای ورود پس از تثبیت قیمت در بالای مقاومت خواهد بود.
سناریو شماره 2: قیمت به علت سفارش های بسیار قدیمی موجود در محدوده ی مقاومتی کنونی بازگشتی به عقب خواهد کرد تا با خط روند نشان داده شده در شکل برخورد کند و پس از آن به سناریو 1 تبدیل شود.
سناریو شماره 3: قیمت نتواند محدوده ی مقاومتی موجود را بشکند و به همین علت با بازگشت قیمت و شکست اولین خط روند می توانیم انتظار شکست تمام خطوط روند را داشته باشیم.
شایان ذکر است که شکل اندیکاتور RSI هم در این موقعیت کنونی جالب توجه است و بدون هیچ گونه واگرایی نشان دهنده خستگی قیمت است.
این تحلیل ماهانه ی طلا بود که خدمت شما ارائه شد. می توانید با کوچک کردن تایم فریم خود به تایم فریم هفتگی باز هم به این خطوط پایبند باشید و به آن ها مراجعه کنید.
Source: Zeralton magazine
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XAU/USD forecast: Gold market will face a turmoil

XAU/USD forecast: Gold market will face a turmoil

Fundamental gold price forecast for today

Coronavirus vaccines will hold XAU/USD bulls back

Mass gold sell-offs in the mid-August discouraged the gold bulls. However, a quick rebound above $2000 per ounce allowed large banks to resume their recommendations to buy. According to Credit Suisse forecasts, gold prices will grow to $2500 in 2021. Standard Chartered Bank believes investors will use any price decline to open long positions amid the weak dollar, low bond rates, and substantial fiscal stimuli. There are enough bulls in the gold market, and this fact alone raises concerns in the extended rally of the XAU/USD. Can there be turmoil?
Many bullish factors have already been priced in the XAUUSD, and there are not so many growth drivers left. I mean the long-term dollar weakness and the Fed’s willingness to put up with the inflation above its 2% target for as long as it is necessary. The problem is whether consumer prices will grow. The inflation level, expected by the bond market, returned to the January level in five years; but it is still below the Fed’s target. Inflation-adjusted five-year options suggest a little chance that the indicator will be above 3%. It is more likely to slide below 1%. The story of 2009-2011 can repeat in the gold market. Then, the gold price, having reached its all-time high, crashed, as investors didn’t nay more believe that the fiscal stimulus could accelerate the PCE.
In my opinion, the bond market can give a clue on the future gold trends. Gold price correlates with the Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). The increase in the TIPS yields on August 11-12 triggered an XAU/USD correction.

Dynamics of gold and TIPS yields

Source: Wall Street Journal
The gold rally takes place ahead of auctions and amid talks about the Russian vaccine. The more is fiscal stimulus, the more money needs Treasury. The initial public offering makes investors sell securities in the secondary market, which pushes up the yields. Taking into account vast scales of the state funding, such a situation could repeat, which increases the risks of instability in the gold market.
Still, the most significant danger for the gold buyers could result from good news about the COVID-19 vaccine. The Treasury yields are quite responsive to the pandemic. Positive information about vaccines will support the economy, but, at the same time, it will weigh on gold. Purchasing managers think the glass is half-full, and the continuous rally of the US PMI must support the growth of the global bond market rates.

Dynamics of US PMI and Treasury yields

Source: Nordea Markets
Therefore, gold bulls still have two big advantages. They are the greenback weakness and the Fed’s willingness to put up with a high inflation rate. Nonetheless, unless the consumer price growth accelerates and the USD crashes, the XAU/USD will hardly continue to rally. On the contrary, an increase in the Treasury yields looks more likely, which suggests the relevance of the gold sales on the rise to $2050-2055 and $2130-2135.
For more information follow the link to the website of the LiteForex
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EUR/USD forecast: bulls won’t let the euro burst

EUUSD forecast: bulls won’t let the euro burst

Fundamental Euro forecast for today

Which bubble is bigger? The stock or the Forex market?

Market bubbles suggest rapidly rising prices, which attract the buyer hoping to earn quick money. Such buyers do not express due diligence or worry about the long-term prospects of what they buy. They ignore standard gauges as irrelevant, and the bubble goes bigger through cheap money. It looks familiar, doesn’t it? The rallies of the US stock indexes and the EUUSD more and more look like a bubble. The bulls, however, do not let it burst.
It took S&P500 just 126 trading days to go back to February highs and hit a new record high. It is the fastest stocks rally after the bear market, which, by the way, had lasted for 33 days, with an average value of 302 of the previous 22 downtrends since the 1920s. Besides, the P/E of the stocks included in the index is 22.6. It is the highest value since the dot-com crisis. But the standard gauges are ignored in bubbles, aren’t they? The market is far from reality. The US economic state is hardly the same as it was in February.
The S&P500 rally has, for a long time, supported the EUUSD bulls, but, now, they have different drivers. The stock indexes are growing amid the Fed’s support, which the euro is strengthening because of the GDP growth gap between the euro-area and the US. Remarkably, the volatility of the equity market and the Forex are now diverging. The US stocks are growing because of the cheap liquidity; the currency market is currently pricing the risks of the possibilities of the COVID-19 second wave in the euro area, the presidential election in the US, and the escalation of trade wars.

Source: Bloomberg
The EUUSD rally may also look like a bubble. The net longs on the euro held by the asset managers are the highest ever. The euro-area economy was hit by the pandemic stronger than the US, and the yields on the European securities is still low. After all, everything is relative. While Steven Mnuchin claims that the negotiations between the Democrats and the republicans are stalled, the EU governments are quick to implement mitigation measures. The spread between US and German real yields is as narrow as it was in 2014 last time. The appeal of the US securities is falling, and that of the euro-area assets is growing. Isn’t it a reason to buy the euro?

Dynamics of the spread between US and German real yields

Source: Bloomberg
According to Scotiabank, speculative dollar shorts are not excessive; they haven’t reached the level of 2017. The market has just started shorting on the greenback, so there is room to open more shorts. Société Générale notes, the US dollar’s rate, in real terms, is still 25% higher than the levels of 2011, and the Fed is still willing to depreciate the dollar. Is the EUUSD a bubble? I do not think so. My strategy is to hold the euro longs and add up on the price falls. While the price is above 1.183, bulls control the market.
For more information follow the link to the website of the LiteForex
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Research: S&P Value to Gold still low at a mere 1.68x

I am trying to take the arbitrary value of USD out of the stock market and truly understand if the market is up or down excluding impact of inflation and Forex. Yes, you can argue the Feds can manipulate the value of USD by playing with interest rates and pump and dump the market at will. BUT, they can't control the price of gold against worldwide currencies. So I figured the value of S&P in terms of ounces of gold may be a great way to judge where the market is at right now and give me an insight otherwise not possible to see.
So after Google'ing the concept, I found out that this is actually a way to measure market performance and very commonly used. I was not the one who came up with the idea first, haha.
So anyway, currently we are sitting at 1.68x ratio (1.68 ounces of gold equals S&P500 value)/

Let me know what you think!
See image, Reddit doesn't let me post:

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/r/Economics [spam filtered] FOREX-Yen sinks to lowest since April 2011 on Abe expectations | Reuters

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GBPUSD Technical chart | 24-Nov-2011 | DodaCharts Forex & Stock Market

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InstaForex Company has been acknowledged as the best retail forex broker 2011 at Forex&Investment Summit In November 2011 within the framework of one of the most reputable financial exhibitions of the world Forex&Investment Summit in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

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Daily Forex Signals - 18th Jan 2011 | Forex Trading Signals

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Forex Trading Weekly Review - Mar 7th, 2011

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Free Forex Signals by Wanwaihui – Intraday Signal EUR/USD 25.02.2011

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The Henry Jackson Initiative by Lady Forester

While reasearching Epstein's known associates, an interesting individual stood out. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Lady de Rothschild. No intention of this being a Rothschild Conspiracy. If your are uninterested to read the content below, scroll down to Comment to get my summary and take on this information. As always please Fact check this.
(HJI) is a bi-partisan, transatlantic movement of business leaders, senior policy makers and academics focused on promoting a more Inclusive Capitalism. The HJI calls for international collaboration from businesses and other organizations to encourage the widest possible adoption of programs that improve capitalism as a driver of wellbeing for society.
The HJI grew out of the Task Force project For Inclusive Capitalism, which sought solutions to the effects on society and business as a result of the global financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 and the dislocations caused by capitalism’s practice over the past 30 years. The Taskforce, which was co-chaired by Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company, and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, CEO, El Rothschild, published its inaugural paper Towards a More Inclusive Capitalism in May 2012. The report sets out three pathways for business action that lie at the heart of the HJI’s mandate:
  1. Education for employment: addressing the gap between employer needs and employee skills
  2. Nurture start-ups and SMEs: mentoring small businesses and improving access to credit for them
  3. Reform management and governance for the long term: replacing today’s focus on short term performance
The HJI exists to highlight and support businesses and other organizations working to promote the broadest possible adoption of best practices in these and other areas related to Inclusive Capitalism. The HJI believes there is an urgent and compelling demand for business to act to address the greatest systemic issues facing capitalism today. The HJI also believes that business is best positioned to lead innovations in areas that need them the most.


Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson (May 31, 1912 – September 1, 1983) was an American politician who served as a U.S. Representative (1941–1953) and U.S. Senator (1953–1983) from the state of Washington). A Cold War liberal and anti-Communist Democrat), Jackson supported higher military spending and a hard line against the Soviet Union, while also supporting social welfare programs, civil rights, and labor unions.
Jackson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously in 1984; Ronald Reagan called him "one of the greatest lawmakers of our century," and stated:
Scoop Jackson was convinced that there's no place for partisanship in foreign and defense policy. He used to say, 'In matters of national security, the best politics is no politics.' His sense of bipartisanship was not only natural and complete; it was courageous. He wanted to be President, but I think he must have known that his outspoken ideas on the security of the Nation would deprive him of the chance to be his party's nominee in 1972 and '76. Still, he would not cut his convictions to fit the prevailing style. I'm deeply proud, as he would have been, to have Jackson Democrats serve in my administration. I'm proud that some of them have found a home here.


Jackson was known as a hawkish Democrat. He was often criticized for his support for the Vietnam War and his close ties to the defense industries of his state. His proposal of Fort Lawton as a site for an anti-ballistic missile system was strongly opposed by local residents, and Jackson was forced to modify his position on the location of the site several times, but continued to support ABM development. American Indian rights activists who protested Jackson's plan to give Fort Lawton to Seattle, instead of returning it to local tribes, staged a sit-in. In the eventual compromise, most of Fort Lawton became Discovery Park), with 20 acres (8.1 ha) leased to United Indians of All Tribes, who opened the Daybreak Star Cultural Center there in 1977.
Opponents derided him as "the Senator from Boeing" and a "whore for Boeing" because of his consistent support for additional military spending on weapons systems and accusations of wrongful contributions from the company; in 1965, 80% of Boeing's contracts were military. Jackson and Magnuson's campaigning for an expensive government supersonic transport plane project eventually failed.
After his death, critics pointed to Jackson's support for Japanese American internment camps during World War II as a reason to protest the placement of his bust at the University of Washington.Jackson was both an enthusiastic defender of the evacuation and a staunch proponent of the campaign to keep the Japanese-Americans from returning to the Pacific Coast after the war.

Jackson Papers controversy

Senator Jackson's documents were donated to the University of Washington shortly after his death in 1983, and have been archived there ever since.When the materials were donated in 1983, university staff removed all information considered classified at the time.Additional materials were added to the collection until 1995.
At some point, library staff discovered a classified document in the collection and sent it to the government for declassification. In response, in the summer of 2004, a man who identified himself as an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) called the University of Washington asking to inspect Senator Jackson's archived documents housed there. He found a document labelled as classified and showed this to a librarian.[48] In February 2005, 22 years after Jackson's death, a five-person team including staff of the CIA, Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the Information Security Oversight Office came to library to review all of Jackson's papers to remove anything still considered classified, or reclassified since then. The Department of Energy found nothing of concern, but the CIA blanked lines in about 20 papers and pulled 8 documents out of collection. As of 2018, some files in the collection are available only to those regarded by the library as "serious researchers", who must first sign a release not to divulge some of the information contained in the files.

The Henry Jackson Society

The society was founded on 11 March 2005 by academics and students at Cambridge, including Brendan Simms, Alan Mendoza, Gideon Mailer, James Rogers and Matthew Jamison. It organises meetings with speakers in the House of Commons. The society claims that it advocates an interventionist) foreign-policy that promotes human rights and reduces suffering, by both non-military and military methods, when appropriate.
In 2006, the society worked to raise the profile of the Ahwazi Arabs of Iran, who it claims are currently being oppressed by the Iranian government.
After originating within the University of Cambridge, the organisation is now based in London. In April 2011 the entire staff of another London think-tank, the Centre for Social Cohesion (which has since been dissolved), joined the Henry Jackson Society.
The organisation is a registered charity in England and Wales and earns financial backing from private donations and grant-making organisations which support its work. The income of the society increased significantly from 2009 to 2014, from £98,000 to £1.6 million per year.
In 2017 Hannah Stuart, one of the society's Research Fellows, released Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offences and Attacks in the UK (1998–2015), which profiled every individual convicted under terrorism legislation in the UK between those dates with an Islamist connection.

Structure and projects

The Society has produced a breadth of research reports and papers. These have mostly focused on Islamist extremist activity in the UK, crackdowns on human rights and democracy elsewhere, and various facets of foreign policy and defence.Its current workstreams include:
In September 2018, the Society announced the creation of a new Centre for Social and Political Risk. This Centre will "identify, diagnose and propose solutions to threats to governance in liberal Western democracies", focusing on social cohesion and integration; freedom of speech and political correctness; demographic change; and other issues.


The think tank has been described by the media as having right-wing and neoconservative leanings, though it positions itself as non-partisan.In 2014, Nafeez Ahmed, an executive director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, said that the Henry Jackson Society courts corporate, political power to advance a distinctly illiberal oil and gas agenda in the Middle East.
In 2009 the society became the secretariat of two all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs), for Transatlantic and International Security, chaired by Gisela Stuart, and for Homeland Security, chaired by Bernard Jenkin. A transparency requirement upon non-profit organisations acting as secretariat at that time was that they must reveal, on request, any corporate donors who gave £5,000 or more to the organisation over the past year or cease acting as a secretariat organisation. In 2014, following a query, the society refused to disclose this information and resigned its position as secretariat of the APPGs concerned in order to comply with the Rules. The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Kathryn Hudson, upheld a complaint against these APPGs on the grounds data had not been provided, but noted the society had already resigned its position and that the consequence of this non-provision therefore "appears to have taken effect" as the Rules intended. The case was therefore closed with no further action taken and the APPGs themselves dissolved with the dissolution of Parliament in March 2015. The APPG Rules were subsequently changed in March 2015 so that only those non-profit organisations providing services to APPGs of more than £12,500 in value needed to declare their corporate donors.
In July 2014 the Henry Jackson Society was sued by Lady de Rothschild over funds of a "caring capitalism" summit. Lady de Rothschild claims that she has financed the summit and that HJS and its executive director Alan Mendoza are holding £137,000 of “surplus funds” from the conference that should be returned to the couple’s investment company EL Rothschild.
Think tank discussions on the Middle East and Islam have led some media organisations to criticise a perceived anti-Muslim agenda. Marko Attila Hoare, a former senior member, cited related reasons for leaving the think tank and Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy was urged, in 2015, to sever his links with the society.
According to the report published in 2015, "a right-wing politics is apparent not only in the ideas that the Henry Jackson Society promotes, but also emerges distinctly on examination of its funders."
In 2017, the Henry Jackson Society was accused of running an anti-China propaganda campaign after the Japanese embassy gave them a monthly fee of 10,000 pounds.The campaign was said to be aimed at planting Japan's concerns about China in British newspapers.
Co-founder Matthew Jamison wrote in 2017 that he was ashamed of his involvement, having never imagined the Henry Jackson Society "would become a far-right, deeply anti-Muslim racist [...] propaganda outfit to smear other cultures, religions and ethnic groups." "The HJS for many years has relentlessly demonised Muslims and Islam."
In January 2019, Nikita Malik of the Henry Jackson Society provided The Daily Telegraph with information they claimed showed a Muslim scout leader was linked to Islamic extremists and Holocaust deniers.In January 2020 The Daily Telegraph issued a retraction and formal apology saying that:
"the articles said that Ahammed Hussain had links to extremist Muslim Groups that promoted terrorism and anti-Semitism, and could have suggested that he supported those views and encouraged their dissemination. We now accept that this was wrong and that Mr Hussain has never supported or promoted terrorism, or been anti-Semitic.We acted in good faith on information received but we now accept that the article is defamatory of Mr Hussain and false, and apologise for the distress caused to him in publishing it. We have agreed to pay him damages and costs."
The initial signatories of the statement of principles included:
International patrons included Richard Perle, William Kristol, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey Jr., and former Lithuanian leader Vytautas Landsbergis.


This has been a rabbit hole and only half the story regarding Lady Forester. Then only link between Lady Forester and Jeffrey Epstein is In 1995, financier Lynn Forester discussed "Jeffrey Epstein and currency stabilization" with Clinton. Epstein, according to his own accounts, was heavily involved in the foreign exchange market and traded large amounts of currency in the unregulated forex market. I will post another story Lady Forester and the coalition for Inclusive Capitalism.

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Sui Lu FX TF Tokyo World Championships 2011 Dan Gaub Strategies Forex Bootcamp 2011 2011 Infiniti FX35 Fort Myers, Florida Customer Demonstration 2011 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO 2011 Skeeter FX 20

From this post I am going to explain about central bank interventions in foreign currency exchange. Though this is not that common incident in forex market, it is important to have an idea about these interventions because these interventions happen to the opposite direction of the main trend or can ruin your trading account in just few minutes if you don’t have a stop loss. InvestTechFX processes the clearing transactions for all Forex deals through the Interbank, which is the main liquidity provider, taking all of InvestTechFX’s deals in the international Forex trading market, and doing over $100 million in trades per day. The Forex market is very dynamic, lucrative and at the same time rather volatile in nature. Technical Forex Report for September 2, 2011. Technical Forex Report for September 2, 2011, by Alpari Financial Services . Rupee gains 23 paise against dollar. A Free Forex Trading Method. RSS. Monthly Archives: December 2011 Trade Signal, AUDUSD 23 Dec 2011. Posted by Andrew Sumner on December 23, 2011. A quick post today, with the following chart explaining my thoughts (click to expand):- Forex Crunch is a site all about the foreign exchange market, which consists of news, opinions, daily and weekly forex analysis, technical analysis, tutorials, basics of the forex market, forex software posts, insights about the forex industry and whatever is related to Forex.

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Sui Lu FX TF Tokyo World Championships 2011

Learn more here: Here' why you'll never make money in Forex. It's all because of the Forex cycle of doom. Many aspiring traders who ar... 2012 Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version (2011 Frankfurt Auto Show) - Duration: 3:07. carmgn96 131,287 views. 3:07. 2011 Skeeter ZX 225 - Duration: 5:30. Austin BoatsandMotors 3,578 views. ... 2019 Skeeter FX 21 APEX Edition - Running and Full Review! - Duration: 4:24. Wiedas Marine 58,258 views. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) 2011 Worlds EF FX - Duration: 5:40. ChainChomp2 202,539 views. 5:40. 眭祿 Sui Lu, FX EF - The 2012 Chinese Gymnastics Nationals / Olympic trials - Duration: 2:04.